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U-Group Security Force personnel posted in your premises will be well with the fundamentals of First Aid, Fire fighting and they are individually selected and professionally trained to take care of any such uncertainties all the twenty four hours of the day.In order to provide a quality service, U-Group Security Force believes that, besides the selection and training of the manpower, inspection is equally important. In this regard, we have a strong operational and total dedication team, who check and monitor our security system, do round the clock checks take audits and corrective measures. We call ourselves not only as the first line of your defence, but also the show window to your premises.
Police Licence 745/2014
ESI NO. 51-75986-101
EPF NO. TN/50646
U-Group Security Force contract with YOU shall be for a minimum of twelve months. Similarly the contract is renewable at least a fortnight before the expiry of the original contract. The contract is terminable by either side by giving not less than one month’s notice in writing.U-Group Security Force requests a week’s time from the date of signing the contract shall be granted for our men to take charge.U-Group Security Force will arrange to post its security personnel, who will be in our uniform, at such posts and in such manner as instructed by you to ensure the patrolling of the specified area of your Establishment / Estate / company / Factory all through the 24-hours in a day, checking exit / entry of personnel, material and transport to prevent pilferage, loss etc. There will be a rotation of U-Group Security Force personnel to prevent them from developing friendship with the workmen or other staff of your establishment (provided the principal employer agrees the same)U-Group Security Force is registered with E.S.I, P.F. U-Group Security Force will supply Uniform, Shoes, Caps, Belts, Whistles and Identity cards at its own cost for the personnel deputed for your organization.
Our Service Charges
U-Group Security Force believes that your security is our business, which U-Group Security Force offers to you both efficient and cost effectively.We at U-Group Security Force honestly believe that growth is a way of life and sincerely hope that our association will ensure our mutual growth and prosperity fields in the days to come.
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